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Now, the convenience stores around you could do remittance at always 24/7. No matter how far is your family, they could receive the money in a brief time. Download now and enjoy the service that you never experience before.

The fastest way to remit

Download MoneyGo and register now. You could transfer money to your family after the verification.

The old method of sending money home, my family always need to wait for days to receive it. But now I have MoneyGo, even my family need urgent cost I still could support my family instantly.

Louisa New Taipei City, Taiwan

Pay at convenience store so easy

Now you could transfer money at any convenience store. No need to worry about shop too far from you or closed can’t remit money. 24/7 collect service is fast and easy.

I never knew that transfer money is that simple. I could send money home anytime I want. And even during my leisure time, just that easy and fast. After my job I got more time to gathered with my friends.

Idah Hualien City, Taiwan

Information secure guaranteed

Our strict information encryption system, we assured that each transaction you can manage in a safe environment.

Fantastic app! I love the Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer posuere viverra dignissim. Etiam tincidunt varius luctus. Quisque est ex, lacinia id tempor et!

ORINA Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Simple processing & time-saving

Simple process to register
Verify your email and finish registration
Create an transfer
Manage your remittance record

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