Frequently Asked Questions

If the following questions and answers about our app doesn’t address your query
then please contact us at
Customer service: 02-25771070 (13:00~21:00)

Problems for Using MoneyGo App

SMS verification code should be received under 5 mins after your phone no submission. If you still don't receive SMS after 5 mins, please contact customer service
It takes around 1-3 working days for us to verify your ARC document
Currently we work with Family Mart, Hi-Life, OK Mart and 7-11, so you can pay in either of those.
Max amount for each transfer is NTD$19,800
Click on forgot password, fill in your ARC no and phone no, and you will receive a code to reset your password. Fill in the code and you can now reset your password
Please refer to bonus page for the newest bonus promotion
Exchange rate will update one or twice a day
After you create transfer order, you have 15 mins to pay at mini market before it expires
You can add up to 5 recipients
Transfer will take one working day to process. If it is weekend or holidays in Indonesia / Taiwan, then transfer will be process after the holiday has ended.

Problems for MoneyGO App KYC

Refer to the error note, and revise as instructed.